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Scent Work

Scent work training can be focused on a specific type of work to include police work, bed bug detection, etc.  It can also be for those looking to enter into competitive scent work sports or even just be a fun activity for owners to do with their pets!

Does your dog walk around the house constantly sniffing everything? Is their nose glued to the ground on walks? If this sounds familiar, have you considered giving your dog a healthy outlet for using their nose? Teaching them scent work may be the answer you are looking for! Not only is this great mental stimulation for your dog, it is a lot of fun for both dog and owner!  As with any kind of training, it will also help bolster the dog/owner relationship.  

Are you interested in competitive scent sports but are not sure where to begin?

We can help with that!  Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned competitor, we can curtail training to your specific competition goals.  We can conduct lessons in a sterile learning environment for those still learning and take training into the world for those prepping for trial.  

About Our Trainer

Owner/trainer, Tara, is a former law enforcement K9 handler and trainer with 10+ years experience.  We are happy to share our knowledge and experience to assist others in their K9 careers. We can assist with anything from initial training to weekly maintenance training.  We believe in providing real world, scenario based training to achieve maximum performance on duty.  

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Unsure if your dog is a good candidate for this program?  Reach out to us today and we can discuss your options and training plan.  We look forward to helping you and your dog live harmoniously together again! 


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