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Refresher Training

Has your dog been through one of our training programs? 

Have you allowed some of the training to slip?  No worries!   We understand that life happens and are happy to help get you and your dog back on track!  To accomplish that, we are now offering a one-week refresher training option.  

This program will be a one week immersive “boot camp” style training.  It will reinforce the commands and behaviors your dog has already learned.  Those commands/behaviors include sit, down, with me, place and recall. Our goal for this training will be to return your dog’s behavior to a level commensurate with that at the completion of their previous training. As with other training programs, this program will include a “go home” lesson at the end of the week.  

Please note, it is a requirement for this training that your dog has previously participated in one of our other training programs! Additionally, no new behaviors or commands will be taught during this training.  It is strictly designed and focused to reinforce the training your dog has already received.  Those dogs who have participated in private lessons are available for this training as well.  They must have completed a minimum of 5 lessons and shown an appropriate level of progress throughout the training.  Discretion of left up to the trainers for eligibility.

Unsure if your dog is a good candidate for this program?  Reach out to us today and we can discuss your options and training plan.  We look forward to helping you and your dog live harmoniously together again! 


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