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Puppy Training

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Do I need puppy training?

It is imperative for puppies to receive proper foundation training.  This is particularly important during the critical period which occurs from birth to 16 weeks.  During this time puppies should be exposed to as much of the world as possible.  Although we understand that they are still very immature and not capable of advanced behaviors it is during this time that puppies can be taught how to learn. Once they understand this process, using a marker based system, they can easily learn throughout their life!

Our Puppy Training Program

Our puppy training will teach your puppy how to learn and how to be neutral to his or her environment.  Through this process you will see a decrease in undesired behaviors such as biting and leash pulling. 

During their training, your puppy will learn a marker based system of training.  This will teach the puppy how to learn for the entirety of their life.  They will learn to respect rules, boundaries and structure.  They will become neutral to their environment, other dogs and around strangers.  

Training begins with puppies learning the foundation of the marker based system which includes their marker words.  During this process we will incorporate building engagement.  Once they understand the process we will introduce leash pressure and start adding commands.  After hundreds of repetitions of those commands, we can start to add distance, duration and distraction and hold the puppy accountable for noncompliance.  Throughout the program they will be introduced to a multitude of different environments which will help bolster confidence.  

Puppies are our forte!  We wholeheartedly believe in laying a proper and solid foundation for young dogs so they can live a happy and fulfilled adult life.  We feel our “recipe” is second to none and will avoid the development of problem behaviors and ensure success.  Our success stories speak for themselves.  Puppies who have completed our training are able to advance quickly in their behaviors and enjoy life with their families.  Our own, now adult dogs, are often used to showcase the end result of our program.  

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