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Protection Sports Bite Work

Protection training covers a wide array of disciplines.  Whether you are an experienced protection sports competitor, an active police K9 team or are just starting out and are “bite curious, ” we can provide the training you need.  

Does your dog constantly try to bite everything insight and seem to have endless energy? 

Are you interested in one of the many protection sports or feel your family needs a personal protection dog? 

We are happy to conduct an evaluation to see if this training would be a good fit for you and your dog.  

If you are an active protection sports competitor or if you own a trained personal protection dog, we can help you too!  We can assist sports competitors with trial preparation and have multiple decoys for higher-level scenarios.  We are happy to help personal protection dog owners in maintaining their dog’s proficiency to ensure maximum safety and compliance with critical tasks such as out and recall.  

Providing Real World Scenario-Based Training!

As a prior law enforcement K9 trainer and handler, owner/trainer, Tara, has the knowledge and understanding to provide real world, scenario based training. 

She is also well versed in the requirements of many national certifying entities to include NAPWDA and IPWDA.  With the help of fellow trainer and decoy, Zack, this duo can tackle any training need from green dog development to certification preparation and even weekly maintenance training. 

This training is for those interested in competitive protection sports or those with a personal protection prospect.  We specialize in puppy foundation to include grip and drive development.  Proper grip foundation is key to any successful protection sport or scenario.  We start this training with puppies as young as 8 weeks to ensure proper grip mechanics are instilled early.  We progress training as the dog is able, typically taking a short break during teething.  As active protection sports competitors, we are well versed in all facets of competition and can assist in developing a successful competition team!  We also have extensive experience working with police K9s and are prepared to help K9 teams be ready for street deployments.  

We offer private grip development and bite mechanics sessions.  These sessions can range from puppy foundation to protection sport routines and also police K9 scenario-based training.  In addition to training for the dog, owners and handlers will receive instruction in proper leash handling.  Sport competitors will be guided through scenarios to ensure maximum points are earned on a trial field. Police K9 handlers will be advised on how to prepare for safe and successful real world deployments.   

Contact us today to set up an evaluation and learn more about our protection training services.  

*Please note, not all dogs are capable of performing protection work.  We will provide you an honest assessment of your dogs abilities to excel.  


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