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Private Dog Training In Summerville, SC & Surrounding Areas.

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Every dog needs training, it is just a matter of what type and how much!  Training will help improve the relationship between dog and owner, give the dog a happier, healthier life and make them an even more valued member of the family.  Private lessons are especially helpful for multi dog households as it is imperative to establish rules, boundaries and structure.  Private lessons are appropriate for establishing structure within multi dog households.  They are perfect for owners who have time to devote to training their dog and are especially useful for dogs displaying unwanted behaviors.  If your dog barks incessantly, digs in the yard, pulls on the leash or is reactive to other dogs, private lessons are a useful resource to curb these behaviors. 

Private training can help eliminate the following bad behavior with your dog:

Barking, digging in the yard, pulling on the leash, door reactivity, dog reactivity, running through open doors

Through private lessons both owner and dog will learn to better communicate with and understand each other.  With the addition of rules, boundaries and structure the relationship between dog and owner will also improve greatly.  Dogs will be able to become more inclusive not intrusive members of the family. 

Ridgeside K9 Summerville Private Dog Training

Since we do not employ a cookie cutter approach to training, each private lesson will be curtailed to the specific needs of the household.  We will discuss how to establish rules, boundaries and structure generally before addressing the issues particular to that home.  Private lessons are conducted in home.  Each lesson typically lasts about an hour and covers a wide range of topics to include door manners, appropriate interaction with house guests, calm training and place training. 

The first lesson is a lot of talking and instruction, be prepared to be in information overload!  Don’t worry, we are always happy to recap training via text or email.  We start in home training by establishing physical boundaries within the home and setting a new rules for behavior.  Once this new lifestyle is implemented and understood by both dog and owner we can start focusing on more advanced behaviors such as leash reactivity and calm training.  

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