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Hybrid Training

We know that many dog owners want to be intimately involved in their dog’s training and that is something that we highly encourage! We also know that not everyone has the knowledge, skills, ability, or time to lay a solid training foundation. In an effort to help dogs and owners get a jump start on their training, we offer a hybrid training program.

This program will include one week of immersive training where a marker-based learning system will be introduced.

Each dog will additionally be introduced, or in some cases reintroduced, to basic commands such as sit, down, and place. They will also work on behaviors such as loose leash walking, waiting at the door, and being neutral to their environment.

After 7 days, the dog will then return home and continue with a mandatory minimum of 5 in-home training sessions. These lessons will further instill the communication needed between dog and owner to perform the above-listed commands and behaviors. They will also address specific difficulties within the home, helping owners to establish necessary rules, boundaries and structure.

We especially recommend this program for multi-dog households and for dogs with reactivity but not aggression.
Please note, that your dog will not be fully trained after the one-week immersion. There will be “homework” for owners to complete throughout their 5 in-home lessons. 

We like to begin this program in multidog households with a lesson first.  This will help us immediately set up rules, boundaries and structure within the home so there is no wait to begin training.  This will also afford us the opportunity to evaluate all the dogs in the home and see if all or only certain will be the board and train portion of the program.  If multiple dogs do require a board and train, we prefer to do this separately but consecutively.  

For single dog homes, your trainer will discuss with you whether a lesson is recommended prior to the board and train portion of the program.  

Acceptance into this program is at the discretion of the trainers.

**Beginning mid-November 2022, we will be limiting our private lessons to the Cane Bay neighborhood only. Lessons will be on a limited basis. We hope to pick back up with regularly scheduled lessons in the future.” **


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