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Owning a dog is one of the greatest joys in life. It’s important to invest time, effort and money into training them properly so they become loyal companions who can be trusted at any moment with you or without their master for anything whatsoever!

At Ridgeside K9, we know that you want to provide your dog with the best training possible. Our Dog Trainers have vast experience working with all types of breeds.

What is a Board and Train Program?

Board and train programs can be for a variety of training needs from puppy foundation to behavior modification to basic obedience and more.  During a board and train program, dogs will learn how to behave within a household.  Dogs will live in home with our trainers and will be integrated into their “pack.”  They will learn rules, boundaries and structure in addition to learning how to be neutral within their environment.  

Does My Dog Need A Board and Train?

Any dog is eligible for a board and train program.  We can work with owners to address specific behavioral issues and training desires to tailor the training program for each dog.  Basic board and train programs for adult dogs, not including any behavior modification, will instill a marker based learning system for dogs.  This is a simple, clear and concise form of communication which will empower owners to build a better relationship with their dog.  

Help Eliminate Bad Behavior: Jumping, rushing the door, pulling on the leash, chewing

In addition to basic obedience commands, dogs will learn how to be “calm on command” and relax their minds.  All board and train graduates have lifetime access to their trainer.  

What Does Our Board and Train Entail?

Training starts immediately upon arrival for a board and train.  Dogs will be taught a marker based system of learning.  They will be taken out in the community several days a week and during this time they will be required to be neutral to their environment.  Throughout training, we will continue to add in distance, duration and distraction to proof all commands and ensure a calm state of mind.

We do not believe in one standard training method for all dogs.  We will work with owners to build a program to meet the specific needs of their dog and family.  We make ourselves available throughout training to answer any questions and alleviate any concerns.  We pride ourselves on our transparency and dedication to keeping owners up to date and informed on the progress of training.  

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