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Behavior Modification

Ridgeside K9 Offers Dog Aggression Training in Summerville, SC.

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Does your dog bark incessantly? Dig in the yard? Whine in the crate or if left alone? Do they experience anxiousness, nervousness or are fearful? 

If this sounds like your dog, our behavior modification program may be a perfect fit to help correct this behavior. This program is designed for dogs with severe anxiety.  This training will help dogs become more comfortable in their environment.  They will learn the “art of doing nothing” and be able to calm themselves instead of reacting to their surroundings.  

Signs your dogs may need help: Excessive barking, digging, pacing in the house, reactivity to both dogs and people 

Ridgeside K9 Behavior Modification Program

In addition to continuing to perfect basic obedience commands, dogs will learn a place command.  Utilizing this command, dogs will learn to relax their mind and become calm in their environment.  This will allow for dog and owner to live a more calm, harmonious life together.  It will also empower dogs to join in family activities.  Our biggest goal during this training will be to “reprogram” the dog’s brain so the world isn’t such an intimidating place.  This will provide a dog with better mental health who is able to be an active member of the family.  

Behavior modification is not an overnight process.  It will require commitment and dedication on the part of the owners.  Training will start with adding rules, structure and boundaries for the dog within the home.  Active training sessions combine with mental and physical activity will be an integral part of the training process.  The addition of “calm training” will help solidify the dog’s state of mind and be the culmination of the training process.  

Unlike most training companies, we understand that, much like humans, every dog is different.  We tailor each training program to the dog in front of us.  We realize that training methods should not be cookie cutter and what works for some dogs, might be detrimental to others.  

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