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Online casino guide – basic information for players

The Internet is a powerful tool that is mainly used to share information. Among the hundreds of millions of entertainment industry websites, we can find many websites such as bestcasinosincanada.net/bc-online-casinos-guide offering online casino services.

Today, we will try to present the most important aspects of the pros and cons of playing at online casinos. We will learn what the individual symbols on the table mean in the casino software, as well as debunk some myths about casino winnings. I cordially invite you to read the article.

Where to start? In the beginning was an egg. More precisely, the maze of sites offering electronic gambling, which one to choose, where to start? Of course, novice players who are not yet familiar with online casinos would like to know how to gain experience playing slot machines.

I recommend starting your online casino adventure by trying one of the bonus offers. Many casinos offer a few or a dozen euros for free. This is a real treat for both novice players and successful hunters who are very willing to pay large sums of money. The so-called “instant bonus” is an offer aimed at people who don’t want to risk their money yet, especially because they don’t know what’s really waiting for them while playing. By getting free chips, we can gain experience, find out how much you can win and win real money! In the case of the free allocation, the funds are not ready for withdrawal until we have made the turnover requested by the casino. Usually the turnover is 20-50 times. The better the casino, the less turnover. Sometimes, if we are lucky, we can withdraw a large amount and enjoy the money we received just based on the time we spent trading the free money we received.

How do I start playing in a casino?

Many casinos offer two types of software. If we plan to play the casino for a long time, I recommend downloading the software, but if you are only going to play for bonuses, I recommend playing in the browser.

Payouts / Withdrawals

It goes without saying that sites offering electronic gambling are progressing. New payment methods are being added all the time, and we can still choose the one that interests us. There is no problem with this, and a person who has had contact with bookmaker deposits will be able to handle it without problems.

Very often it happens that we have already won a lot and are happy to order the payment of all funds. When trying to withdraw, it often turns out that we can only withdraw what we deposited, and that the withdrawal can only be made in the same way as the deposit we make. Here I would like to caution you against the fact that some casinos are very restrictive on withdrawals. It happens that we are asked several times to verify our identity, by social security numbers and even by fingerprint! This is not a joke – one of the casinos whose name it is better not to write, it wants to get rid of cheaters that way.

That’s why I recommend checking this online casino before registering – it’s better to know more than to find out something unwanted during withdrawal.

Bonus terms and conditions

Every casino has promotions for first time players who deposit funds into their gaming account. Some players do it so quickly and unfortunately completely forget that the casino is not giving away money for free. In first deposit bonuses, we are dealing with the turnover of the amount deposited. Usually it is 20-30 times the deposit amount. So, let’s remember: investing 1000 euros and receiving 100% of the paid amount, we have to trade all the games available in the software for the total amount:

(deposit + bonus received) * multiplication of the required bet

Some casinos require you to play 2 or 3 times the bonus, while others require you to play 20 times the bonus and your deposit. You have to be very careful here. So let’s read the terms and conditions of this casino carefully and don’t blame everyone, but not ourselves, for not being able to read with understanding. Bonus terms and conditions are one of the most important warnings for people playing in casinos – it often happens that withdrawal is not possible for a longer period of time due to non-compliance with the requirements of this promotion.

What are the games in online casinos?

Casinos offer many games. Slots, roulette, video poker. We have to determine what we want to play: we are not going to “jump” from one game to another and try to play here and there. It’s better to sit at one table and play one game for a while. Doesn’t that increase the likelihood of winning then? Well we are already sitting with loaded software and there are a lot of unknown names in it. Let’s name some of them. Here are the names of some types of slot machines: Symbol WILD – by selecting one of the games available to us, we get a choice of different gifts with the inscription WILD. This is the most common name found in casino games. WILD is a word thanks to which many players have already made incredible fortunes. Why? If we see the WILD symbol 5 times on a line in a game, we win what is known as a jackpot.

Jackpot – this is the amount of money that has been earned over a long period of time! And these are not insignificant amounts – the highest jackpots reach the amount of several million euros!

To win the top jackpot you need to make the maximum bet on this game: usually it is between 5 and 20 euros – the winnings can be a million times more. SCATTER symbol – if we select this type of game (i.e. this inscription is visible on the colored icon), we have the opportunity to get a few / a dozen free spins, that is spinning the machine. When playing on free spins, funds are not withdrawn from our account, and the money won is only credited to our account.

BONUS symbol – if the BONUS symbol appears during the game in the right amount and location, we will have a chance to “go to a higher level” and even increase our winnings by several times – it is a kind of bonus, bonus. This symbol is most often found in video games. Five golden rules to beat the casino.

First: only play sober. Playing after a beer is a common situation after which players have a grudge against the whole world. It’s a shame they don’t want each other. After alcohol our nervous system is more relaxed and we are not fully aware of our decisions.

Second: set a time after which you leave / turn off the software, it is best to do it while the game is winning. Do not tempt fate any more and give it a rest in the current session.

Third: Don’t impress the unknown on whom you are betting more than you can afford. Fourth: Keno is the game in which the casino has the greatest advantage over the player. It reaches 25% and sometimes even more. Avoid this game far away. Fifth: Study the rules of the most important casino games: roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, video slots – don’t touch slots with payouts below 94.9%!

Choosing the best online casino game for you

Some players prefer something quick and easy to learn, while others like a game that takes time and much more skill to master. Some will care solely about the payout, while others will equally enjoy the competitive element.

For those who want something easy to learn and play

In general terms, the easiest live online casino games are:

  1. Roulette: as simple as it gets. Betting on where the ball will land. Payout odds will be clearly explained;
  2. Slots: Put money in the slot (virtually!), spin the wheel. On a par with roulette for ease of betting;
  3. Baccarat: don’t let yourself be fooled by the scoring system; this game is as complex as flipping a coin. For them, you can even take care of the players’ own decisions.

For those who like games that require more thought

For games where there’s a lot to learn:

  • Craps: this classic dice game essentially relies on a roll or series of dice rolls. The premise of the game is simple; learning the rules takes a little more time;
  • Video poker: learning the hands can take some time, but once the player masters it, poker becomes very enjoyable;
  • Sports betting: sports betting can seem overwhelming at first, as there are many different bets that can be placed. This can be lucrative for those who are versed in a particular sport.

For those who place a high value on skill levels

Skill levels are important to all players, whether they want a game in which no skills are required or a game in which they really have to think and make decisions.

Games that don’t require any skills include:

  • Slots;
  • Roulette;
  • Keno;
  • Craps;
  • Baccarat.

Games that offer the opportunity to beat the house and require a certain level of skill include:

  • Sports betting;
  • Video poker;
  • Black Jack.

For those interested in bigger payouts! Games that offer larger payouts usually have a higher edge. 

They include:

  1. Roulette;
  2. Keno;
  3. Video poker.

Perhaps their grandfather is the slot machine online. Just don’t expect to get as lucky as Finn, who bet 25 cents on an online slot machine in 2013 and won a staggering CAD 17.8 million ($24 million), which is still considered the largest online casino win in the world.!

For those who pay attention to the edge of the house

The institution’s advantage, the mathematical advantage of the game over the player, is important to some. Here’s a rough tip on some of the games mentioned:

  1. Baccarat: It’s about 1% if you don’t take the draw, which has a casino advantage of 14.4%;
  2. Roulette: This can range from 2.6% to about 7.3%, depending on the type of game;
  3. Slot machines: On an online slot with Excel service, it can be as low as 1%; on a bad one, it can be as high as 25%;
  4. Video poker: Again, it depends on the game and can range from 1% to 15%.

Review Summary

I hope that this brief introduction to the casino world helps you understand what is important in playing online casino games. We should also remember that every casino has an advantage over us. However, for some games it is small, and we gamers should take advantage of that. Let’s play carefully and follow a few rules that you may have read about above.


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